Features we add to every website

finding customers online

Finding customers

Making your website work

Our websites are designed to attract people who will interact - and buy from you. From producing landing pages that convert to using the best user experience techniques to encourage them to get in touch.

mobile optimised websites

Optimised for mobiles

Making it fast

If you use the same image on a phone as a large desktop then your website will load slowly and customers will leave. That's why all the images on our sites are specific to the screen that views them. The same with text.

marketing your website

Marketing your site

Selling your services

If you don't market your website, no one will know about it. We can help you get your website in front of potential customers using advertising, social media and many other paid for and free systems.

Google G

Search engines

So customers can find you

Google, Bing and all other search engines classify your website according to hundreds of criteria. We make sure that your website accurately represents your business and can be found quickly and easily by potential visitors.

free SSL on all websites

Free SSL

Securing your website

Search engines love secure websites, sites that won't get hacked or compromised, that's why all our sites are secure and you don't have to pay a penny more.

High speed hosting provided


Safe, secure and reliable

Our websites are hosted on load balanced, high-speed servers here in the UK. They use solid state drives running 64GB of RAM and have never let us down.

full access to website files

Access to your site

Free access anytime

All our customers can have access to the code that makes up their website at all time. We never charge if you decide to put your website on another server - just log in and download it.

website support


Get in touch, anytime

You can call or email us anytime for support.
Call: 0330 223 0078
Email: hi@zigger.co.uk