Fuel Availability

Hi Everyone!

We are freezing this page as of today. The map and underlying data will not change after 2.00 pm today Sunday 10 October 2021.

The reason is twofold: first, we are not receiving enough updates to accurately determine fuel levels across the 350 sites we are monitoring and secondly it seems that fuel is finally getting though. The information below will not change going forward, but may be useful for a few days.

What started as a local project in SW London became massive and we received over 1 million page views within a few days of starting. I, personally manually updated every single one of the 6,500 reports we received!

Thanks to everyone who submitted reports and a special thanks to Jonathan King and Gellért Kiss for their help with the search system and map.

It was an amazing week for me, despite all the work, so thanks to my lovely wife for her understanding too!


PS Give me a shout if you need a web designer!

Thanks to Jonathan King for creating & helping with the map (which is sponsored by http://www.yourpersonalstylist.uk)


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Every update helps - thanks, folks.
Could you make sure there are vehicles being served before reporting that the station is open.

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