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Hywel is a very approachable chap and explains things clearly. My final site looks "the business"and its great that I can now update content myself... And if I can't Hywel is available to help. Good job!

Andrew D. Brewis, Walton-on-thames


Zigger have done a fantastic job with our rather outdated website, gave it a fresh new look, whilst still maintaining the corporate identity. All done very quickly and professionally. Couldn't ask for a better service, and all at a competitive price.

Caroline Smith, Bookham

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Very responsive, completely understood my requirements and made many helpful suggestions. Hywel is a complete professional who understands how to get the most out of the web. A delight to work with.

Chris Pearce, Walton on Thames


Hywel is someone who doesn’t come along every day, he loves his work and really knows his stuff when it comes to website design. Really affable has loads of patience which was most definitely a requirement dealing with us! He also really helped with SEO advice, marketing and general advice to help us run the website efficiently and effectively. We have recommended Hywel and will continue to do so, a really hands on firm is Zigger and we really hope it gets Bigger, coz he deserves it! Thanks.

Clive Bennett, Claygate


As a graphic and digital designer, I can safely say working with Hywel has been a pleasure. Not only does he understand good design and user experience, but he also offers bespoke advice and guidance for your website to ensure it works to its full potential - no matter the industry in which it sits. I have worked with him on two websites now, and both have been a roaring success thanks to his patience, eye for detail and knowledge. Hywel is the only web developer I recommend to my design clients!

Daniel Bennett, Wimbledon

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I needed a website for my business and tried a few people with no joy…then I found Zigger. Hywel explained everything clearly with no jargon or sales pitch. I sent the photos and text ideas and hey presto two weeks later a live site that was easy to use and looked a million dollars. If you want a website just use Zigger you won't regret it.

Dave Eyles, Southampton


I have worked with Zigger on a number of projects over the past few years, they are always a pleasure to work with and produce fantastic results. I have recommended their services to others and would not hesitate to do so in the future

Gary Carter, Leatherhead


Zigger did a great website for my new company and helped me out on many aspects of SEO, email and Adwords. Highly recommended.

J Flock, Cobham


A fantastic experience of working with Zigger to develop my website. Hywel is extremely meticulous with his approach and developed a tailor-made website that fulfilled my challenging requirements extremely well, and is always very rapid to sort out any troubleshooting met along the way. A thoroughly positive experience, have no hesitation to recommend!

Jaymee Coonjobeeharry, Surrey

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Hywel has been involved with our company for many years and been responsible for our web site design layout and implementation. He has always been on hand to update/refresh our site and let us know of new systems and site best practice for optimum response. Any issues have been responded to quickly and costs have been very reasonable for the time involved. I can highly recommend Hywel for all web site design and ongoing support.

Kent McMillan, Molesey


It was a great pleasure working with Hywel from Zigger to design and create my Website. He incorporated all my own designs and listened to my views of how I wanted the Website to look and feel, before it all went live.

Lacky Sangha, Weybridge


Zigger did a fantastic job of creating a website for us when we were a new business. Hywel, at Zigger, created the website from scratch very quickly. He also trained us in how to use the content management system so that we could update the website ourselves if we wanted to. That way, we were in the driving seat on costs. Hywel also gave us advice about advertising online which no doubt saved us lots of money, too!

Leslie Grant, Chobham


I'm very happy with Zigger and the website they produced for our deli. As well as building a great website for the business Hywel was able to advise on the marketing and content side of things, which was a great help and saved me a lot of precious time. Great job, just what we needed. Matt at Good Elf Fine Foods

Matt Arlidge, Stoke D'Abernon


Zigger has been wonderful at setting up a website for us, and teaching us how to manage and update it to meet our evolving needs. Hywel has always shown extreme patience as we learned how to translate our ideas into a website format. No question is too simple, nor request too difficult and we've never had a delay when there has been a need to implement any updates. We would highly recommend Zigger for creating a website, as I think you'd be hard pressed to find a more personal responsive equivalent out there.

Monique Flynn, Chobham


I couldn't recommend Zigger enough, it's been a stress free experience from start to finish. I had so much support and felt in very capable hands - thank you!

Nicole Brannan, Esher


Hywel created two beautifully designed websites for us. He was very helpful when it came to us taking over running them, coming to our offices to show us how to use the web designer program. Since handing the websites to us, he has always been at the other end of the phone to help us with any queries with doing things on the websites, and also providing on-going support with our online marketing. I feel that he went over and above the original remit in order to provide us with a bespoke service, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a friendly and helpful web designer.

Sue Spencer, Horsham


This was a very simple, easy and friendly experience. Hywel delivers exactly the service he says on the tin. No hassle, just built the website for me and managed it. good communication. I'd use him again.

Will Dennis, Cobham


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The technology we use

Things move fast in the web world - the rules, user experience, search engine algorithms, data protection, advertising, SEO and much more. We make websites using a range of tools and languages.

Webflow is a brilliant system for designing websites. Unlike many web 'builders', this one produces fantastic, clean code and is a joy to use. We have produced over 100 sites using the system and we plan to build a lot more.

WordPress doesn’t mean themed templates, we build bespoke templates for your WordPress project based on your unique designs.
We are able to utilise well supported plugins to provide additional functionality at a sensible cost.

Drupal is an open source platform with an excellent support base. We mainly use this platform for larger, enterprise type sites, however some of our clients have requested we build smaller sites using it too.

Magento is probably the leading standalone, open source, e-commerce platform available at the moment. It’s a big platform and is capable, with its many modules, of providing practically any functionality an e-commerce site might require.

Laravel is a our chosen PHP framework for bespoke building. We settled on this because it is simple, robust, offers fast development and incredibly well supported. It’s the tool we use to build all our bespoke PHP projects with.

Where would we be without Adobe - the designers friend? Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, we use them all for photo retouching, logo design and all the other things you can do with Creative Studio.

web design and finding customers

Finding customers


Getting visitors to your website is essential if you want to attract business. You can learn more about this process in the Marketing section, but, as far as making your site work well with the search engines, we make sure all the bases are covered:

  • The search engines love websites that work well with all devices, we make sure it looks great on desktops, tablets and mobile phones - whichever way up they are held!
  • The code which we use to make your website is fast and clean. This means we make sure there is no complicated code which slow the site down - the search engines don't like it.
  • We use metatags, alt tags and title tags to make sure your website accurately reflects what you do.
  • We work hard to make sure your website opens efficiently and fast or potential customers will walk away. All images used on your site will be optimised for the screen they are used on - large for large screens, small for mobiles.
  • We tell all the major search engines about your site using Webmaster Tools. These are systems used by the engines which scan your site on a regular basis to ensure it reflects everything that is going on.
  • Getting potential customers to your site is 90% of the battle, after that you need to get them to contact you. We work hard to make sure we convert as many customers as we can and stop them from leaving within 7 seconds!

It's easy to make a website, it takes years of experience to make sure it finds you customers.

SSL in  web design

What is SSL?


SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a protocol which is designed to defend against eavesdropping and tampering of online systems such as email and websites. It is particularly prevalent in the area of ecommerce systems where information is provided by customers relating to their financial records. You can learn about the details of the system here. SSL, or strictly speaking TLS, websites will start with https.

Although the systems have been developed over 20 years, more and more companies are switching their websites to these system because they offer a form of security that is not offered on a normal http website. Google, using their browser Chrome announced in April 2017 that they would be marking non-SSL websites as Unsecure and it is likely that all browsers will follow this lead over the coming months and years.

Another reason why this move is relevant to everyone running a website is that Google, and likely every search engine, will mark down non-secure websites when determining search results. This inevitably means that unsecure sites will have lower search traffic than secure.

Here at Zigger, all our websites are SSL. There are a few circumstances where the process is complicated by your current domain, website and email settings, (For instance, if you have a current non-secure site, then we need to make sure we divert any links from the old system to the new.) but we are happy to discuss your particular circumstances individually.

If you have any questions about SSL then please call us on 0330 223 0078 and we will be happy to help.

Website design and marketing

Marketing your site


Creating a website and not marketing it is like writing a book and leaving it on your desk; no-one knows about it and you won't sell anything. There are lots of ways - both free and paid-for - that will allow you to push your website out to potential customers:

  • Make sure you buy a good domain name. The domain name is a unique name that you can buy and attach to your website. It can also form the basis of an email address. So if your company is ‘R Jones Plumbers’, you may want to buy a domain called It is good practice to include what you do as well as who you are in the domain. We will then attach this name to your website and you can use it as an email address too.
  • It is good practice to get your name into the popular free directories -such as Yell, Thompson, Free Index - as well as any industry-related directories covering your business.
  • If you haven't already done so, consider getting a business account with Google, this allows you to have access to their services like Place, Analytics and Google+
  • For new websites a good option to consider is Google Adwords. Although this is a paid-for services, it is a good system that is relatively cheap and good value for money. We have run Adwords campaigns for years and will be happy to help out.
web design for optimised websites

Optimised for mobile


Now that over 50% of internet access is made using a non-desktop device, (in fact it is far higher if you are selling to individuals rather than businesses) it is important your website is easily readable on those devices.

You can test any website by using Google's Mobile-Friendly Tool.

Sounds easy? No not necessarily. When we carry out this work we make sure it looks great on desktops, tablets and mobile phones – in both landscape and portrait modes.

Web design and page speed



Hosting is the process by which your website is available to world. It is put onto a high speed computer, called a server, which is linked to the internet.
We used an experienced UK provider whose services include:

  • Autoscaling
    All our web hosting platforms use our proprietary autoscaling technology. Autoscaling is what makes them ‘true cloud’ platforms: resources allocated to your website are scaled up or down, dependent on demand. So if there’s a traffic surge, your site continues to function and offer the same fast experience for every user.
    Your site isn’t hosted on one or two servers. Instead, it can access the whole platform’s computer, memory and storage resources. So, if for any reason your server is slow, another can step in and take over seamlessly. We always keep plenty of resource in reserve.
    Also, by not being tied to particular servers, it means that if your shared hosting ‘neighbours’ become busy, it doesn’t affect on your site speed. This isn’t the case with many other hosting providers.
  • Load Balancing
    Load balancing is about sharing traffic across servers. Our load balancing makes use of monitors that will respond to traffic load and balance it across multiple servers when needed. Many other providers don’t offer this. The consequence for you is that your site stays online, and remains fast, whatever load the servers are under.
  • 100% SSD storage
    The servers we use incorporate high quality solid state drives (SSD). This provides very high speed response times.
  • Dual octa-core processors
    Each web server has two 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon E5 v4 (Broadwell) octa-core processors with hyper-threading to give 32 logical cores per machine. These have access to plenty of fast memory resource: 64 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM. Any of our web servers can serve any website we host at any time.
  • Physical security
    All websites and VPS are hosted in a secure, state-of-the-art data centre based in Derbyshire. It’s manned 24/7 and includes high-level physical security measures. These cover everything from backup power generators to advanced fire protection.
accessing website files

Access to your website


A website is stored as a series of files and folder - images, text, code and pages. These items are stored on the server, but the original copy is also stored in the Cloud using Google Drive and you have access to this file at all times. Once your website is completed, we will send you a link which allows you to access that information whenever you want.

We are frequently approached by people are being held to ransom by their web company, demanding large fees to release their website. We never do this.